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For 26 years, Forrest Tool Company has been manufacturing the rugged, professional grade MAX ™ Multipurpose Tool.  Used by government agencies throughout the U.S. as a reliable, mobile, heavy-duty tool kit, no vehicle should be without one.   A U.S. family-owned company, Forrest Tool manufactures quality tools made from U.S. steel and U.S. sourced parts by U.S. workers. Every tool and part is manufactured to industry and government standards.  Forrest Tool is now introducing another highly reliable and useful mobile tool, the Safety Impact Wrench ™, which quickly and safely removes lug nuts from almost any vehicle - car, truck, SUV or off-road, using leverage instead of an external power supply. Made from tool steel and a heavy duty ½ in drive, you know it’s up for any task.

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The Max

The MAX ™

When assembled into its various configurations, the MAX is full size, strong, and reliable. Unassembled, the ax and attachments are remarkably compact. They can be stored easily in cars, vans, pickups, and disaster preparedness supply caches, or on any emergency response vehicle or heavy equipment.
The MAX is really a system that incorporates eight hand tools into one unit. It is based on a three and a half pound Hudson Bay style ax/sledge mounted on a 34"  fiberglass handle.  The complete tool menu includes an Ax/Sledge, a Mattock, a Pick, a Shovel, a Broad Pick, and a heavy-duty reversible Rake and Hoe. These metal parts are made from tempered carbon steel.  The attachments are quickly locked into a beveled socket on the back of the ax head for use. They are further secured with a hitch pin or thumbscrew and bar for safety. When not in use, they are kept in a sturdy  carrying case that has strap handles and pack loops. The entire unit, including the ax, weighs 12 pounds, and fits together for one-handed transportability.

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The Safety Impact Wrench

Safety Impact Wrench ™

Engineered and manufactured to top industry standards for strength and reliability, the Safety Impact Wrench ™ allows anybody to quickly unlock nuts from vehicles without compromising safety.  It tightens and loosens with the same effectiveness. And the tool is so portable, it slips behind the seat, ready to go when you need it most.

A flat can happen any place, even out in the field when a power wrench isn’t an option. The Safety Impact Wrench ™ quickly and safely removes lug nuts from light and medium vehicles using leverage and torque rather than an external power supply. The process is almost as fast as using any power-impact wrench.
No wonder the Safety Impact Wrench is fast becoming the portable tool of choice for demanding environments.

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Safety Impact Wrench in 30 seconds!

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